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about the college :- Address of the Dean

Address of the Dean

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Address of the Dean

Address of the Dean


I am pleased to express my greetings, appreciation and respect to all employees and teaching staff members of Al Israa University College, and I avail myself the opportunity to express my best regards to our dear students wishing them all success.

Al Israa University College has conveniently managed, through its performance, to stand on the same footing of the Iraqi and Arab universities as it includes a teaching cadre that is recognized for its expertise, professional experience, technical tools and equipment and modern labs from international sources.

Our College maintains a bright name both regionally , locally and internationally. Through bridging the gap with Arab and world universities, the most upgraded scientific programs and methods were applied to realize academic supremacy. Accordingly, many plans were prepared to access and disseminate the best quality standards  among departments and units in order to serve our country. This all reflects our ability to make our college more creative among the Iraqi institutions and more productive to develop our human resources. These remarkable achievements make us proud of our belonging and allegiance to our alma mater currently and in future.

Our teaching staff have vowed themselves to work and tirelessly exerted efforts and become apostles of knowledge to our students and society. The teaching process that comprises the higher management, teaching staff and students, is like a ship that carries books to be tripped to a safe land. I appreciate y their efforts and thanks to them that Al Israa College is expanded firmly to become a scientific lighthouse in our beloved Iraq.

Dear students,

From this pulpit, I call you to make use of your teachers’ knowledge and I am sure you will one day be celebrities in your hometown specialized in various scientific and applicable fields. This said, you will be participating in building our beloved country and paying the tribute back to your families and teachers.  So work hard to learn and persevere because you are surely the seed that will blossom after graduation.

 Last but not least, I am pleased to find myself in Al Israa college,  my household,  because it is like home that gathers my brothern, the teaching staffers and my students. Al Israa college becomes like  our house and surely it is the house of all Iraqis. Therefore, I call on you to keep this house tight because it is yours. I am sure also that  you are proud of your faculty and it is proud of you.

 welcome to you.


Asst. prof. Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al Majidi

Acting Dean


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