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about the college :- About Al Israa University College

About Al Israa University College

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About  Al Israa University College

Established to be a scientific and academic bastion affiliate to the Iraqi university march, Al Israa University College has obtained the regular approvals and recognition of the Ministry of Higher Education & Scientific Research in accordance with the letter No. (C H/1018) dated 21/2/2013.

The College, in its first year, inaugurated five scientific departments which were increased to 11 then 15 recognized departments. This expansion is included into the future strategy of the College and its numerous aspirations to meet the targets planned for so as to serve Iraq and our wide base of studentship. The College also aims at introducing  postgraduate studies in various departments and this is supported by a batch of highly experienced and well-known professors of different specialties. This will certainly enhance the scientific, epistemological and skill standard of our College.

Due to its geographical location, construction design, classes, labs and studios, Al Israa College offers the optimal milieu for our students. The construction expansion process, moreover, copes with the increasing rate of admission policy in all the departments to contain the huge number of fresh-students. This has placed our College on the same footing of the Iraqi State universities and colleges.

New buildings with modern architectural design have been recently inaugurated at Al Andalwus Square downtown in addition to opening many dentistry out-patient clinics which are furnished with the most advanced and internationally originated equipment. This vision is to meet the entirety of scientific and medical requirements. On the other hand, the College is keen in future to seek ranking alongside with world well-established universities so as to reflect its commitment to regulations, laws and standards of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research. As a result many specialized sessions in Methods of Teaching as well as different seminars and lectures are given regularly to develop and update the potentialities of its teaching staff members. Participation in world scientific, medical, sport and humanities conferences is also underway to urge teachers to interact with their counterparts; all this is done within an openness policy that avails our college the chance to enjoy the due appreciation from the Ministry officials for the exemplary efforts exerted. Needless to mention that the College has always been the first to support the voluntary campaigns of blood donation, support of the national army and popular forces, opening of  medical  outlets such as that of the mouth X-Ray, 3D imaging among others.


Al Israa College seeks to enhance the academic life in Iraq, to contribute to the scientific knowledge of the youth, to avail as much of the academic choices with the aim of attaining the postgraduate studies programs.

With all its scientific, material and human resources, Al Israa reveals a wide scale of potentialities that can be conveniently used to support the Iraqi institutions with expertise, specialized skills in all scientific, applicable, human and social fields.


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Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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