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about the college :- Acting Dean CV

Acting Dean CV

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Acting Dean CV

Acting Dean CV


-          Born in Baghdad, 1966

-          Dean of Al Israa University College – Baghdad

-          Member of the Private Teaching Council in Iraq


Academic Career

-          Ph.D. in Physical Education (Training Physiology) – University of Baghdad /College of Physical Education, 2012 with Distinction

-          Doctoral dissertation entitled  “ Effects of Suggested Training on Response of Some Respiratory System Variables with Spiro Palm Apparatus and Performance development of 1500m Runners.”

-          M. Sc. in Physical education (Sports Management) – University of Bahgdad/ College of Economics and Administration,  2007, top-third of his batch

-          Thesis  entitled “ Efficiency Standard of Administrative Leadership (Heads of Sports Clubs in Baghdad) of the Super league Football Players”




-          B. Sc. In Physical Education – University of Baghdad, College of Physical Education

-          Founder of Uruk Private University (2014) with 4 faculties (Pharmacology, Dentistry, Engineering and Law)

-          Founder of Al Israa University College (2014) with Business Management, Accounting, Law, Civil Engineering, Dentistry, Pharmacology, Medical Analysis, Mass Media, English, Air Conditioning  Technology, Computer Science Depts.)

-          Co-Founder of the World Council of Health, Physical Education, Entertainment and Kinetic Expression – Iraq Branch

-          Attended many scientific conferences locally and abroad and actively participated in Civil society organizations.

-          Presented many researches in physiology published in scientific bulletins inside and outside Iraq.

-          Board member of the Islamic National Bank

-          Director General  of Private Pesticides  Company

-          Consultant to many private sector companies

-          Taught the Methods of teaching for various topics

-          Co-author of “Contemporary Management in Physical Education”

-          Lecturer for 2 years at the College of Physical Education


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