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about the college :- College Board Membership

College Board Membership

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College Board Membership

College Board Membership :

1.      Dr. Abdul Razzaq Jabur Al Majedi/ Head of the board and Acting Dean

2.      Dr. Akram Ali Anbar/ member and Scientific Assistant of the acting Dean

3.      Dr. Dhafer Harb Al Ibrahimi/ member and Administrative Assistant of the acting Dean

4.      Dr. Ihsan Al Sharban / Board Secretary General

5.      Asst. Instructor Noor Talib/ Repertoire

6.      Prof. Dr. Abdul Wahid  Muhammed Muslet/ member and Head of English department

7.      Prof. Dr. Alauldin Al Khalidi/ member and Head of Medical Analysis department

8.      Dr. Kholoud Al Sarraf/ member and Head of Pharmacology department

9.      Prof. Dr. Raad Muhuieldin Hilmi/ member and Head of Dentistry Department   

10.  Prof. Dr. Abdul Karim Lueibi, member and head of Mass Media department

11.  Asst. Prof. Dr. Raheem Jawy Muheildin / member and head of Air-conditioning Technology department

12.  Asst. Prof Dr. Jassim Mahmoud Neseif/ member and head of Civil Engineering department

13.  Dr. Amer Abbas Ibrahim/ member and head of Computer Science department

14.  Dr. Muhammed Ali Jawad/ member and head of  Law department

15.  Dr. Yousif Doulab Yousif/ member and head of Accounting department

16.  Dr. Karim Naeif Ali/ member and head of Business Management department

17.  Dr. Alauldin Husein Ahmed/ member and Representative of Teaching Staff


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