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Departments - Pathological Analyzes
About us

Department of Pathological Analyses:

The department was established in 2012, upon the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research.

The department aims to graduate technicians qualified to work in medical laboratories, institutions and private sectors. Graduates will be specialized to work in research laboratories, colleges and institutes related to microbiology, immunology, serums, chemistry, parasitology and textile diseases in Hematology. The department make specialists in pathological analysis, diagnosis and testing.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The department supports research and health institutions; invests in the department ability to manipulate the theatrical and practical scientific researches, the training processes and health awareness according to a future outlook  that is in line with the modern development.


Introduce a distinctive education and produce creative researches to serve  the community and contribute to building economic knowledge through making motivating environment for education and creative thinkingand using the best techniques and the local and global effective partnership.


1. Making special researches in all the academic fields.

2. Developing qualified professors.

3. Achieving the aimed assurance by increasing number of postgraduate students.

4. Enabling the students to acquire professional skills.

5. Making communications inside and outside the university with other universities and companies locally and internationally.

6. Providing a motivated environment for the university students, staff, and employees.


مفردات المنهاج والوحدات والساعات لقسم التحليلات المرضية (حمل من هنا )

alumni description

يهدف القسم الى تخريج تقنيين للعمل في المختبرات الطبية ومؤوسسات الدولة والقطاع الخاص من ملاكات المتخصصة في هذا المجال للعمل في مراكز البحوث والمختبرات والكليات والمعاهد ذات العلاقة في علم الجراثيم والمناعة والمصول والكيمياء الحياتية السريرية وفي علم الطفيليات والامراض النسيجية وفي علم امراض الدم وتكمن اهمية القسم في سعيه الى تهيئة مختصين في علوم التحليلات المرضية لمجالاتها المتعددة بتشخيص الامراض واجراء الفحوصات والتدريب على التقنيات المختبرية

يمنح القسم شهادة البكلوريوس في تقنيات التحليلا ت المرضية وتؤهل حاملها للعمل في المراكز الطبية والصحية.



( info@esraa.edu.iq)

Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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