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Departments - Computer Engineering
About us

 Computer Engineering:

 The Department was established in (2012-2013) upon the approval of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to admit high school graduates / science section, technical institutes, industrial high schools (electricity, electronics, communications, and computers specialties) for morning and evening studies. It is a 4-year study in this department; and students are graduated with BSc. in computer techniques (technical engineer). The department provides students with scientific and practical skills to make them eligible to design, implement, and maintain  machine and to operate all the computer systems.

Due to the scientific development in the technical field of computer engineering, the need increases in the business market for the specialized computer engineers in both the social and governmental sectors.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The department seeks to be a creative, leading, and active department among the other local departments and universities in the field of Technical Computer Engineering. Also, the department would like to contribute to developing and to serving the local and the regional communities through providing a competent staff and providing consultation.


Setting forth efficient engineers with distinctive specialty standards that correspond to regional and international quality category to meet the labor market and sustain the comprehensive development plan and promote corporation relations with all interested engineering and technical parties.


1. Preparing a qualified technical and engineering staff that are accountable for engineering, technical and scientific  creativity.

2. Sustainable development for the study programs through corporation with similar departments to meet the needs of the labor market and provide a proper educational environment by using latest educational tools and appliances.

3. Sustainable development of the staff abilities in the department through participating in seminars, workshops, and conferences.

4. Sustaining  follow- up plans of graduates to ensure their active role in community service.

5. Providing technical and academic consultations.

6. Depending on active realistic vision to develop the department abilities in research and studies.


مفردات المنهاج والوحدات والساعات لقسم هندسة تقنيات الحاسوب (حمل من هنا )

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Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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