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Departments - Physical Education
About us

Physical Education:

The Department was established in 2016to accept high school graduates

Vision, Mission and Goals


1. Preparing specialized staff in the field of Physical Education and Sports Science to contribute to and promote sports in general; hence showing its effect on the community and health sector.

2. Improving the scientific and sports level through the preparation of qualified scientific cadre  in the writing researches and studies in the field of sports and at different levels.

3. Preparation of teachers of physical education and sport sciences that have experience, knowledge and skills.

4. Collaborating with other colleges and departments of physical education and sports, such as the Olympic Committee and the Ministry of Youth and Sports and sports federations.

5. Contributing to the dissemination of the concepts of sports culture among the Iraqi people and to use sport as one important means to eliminate racial and sectarian, ethnic and rapprochement among people.

6. Contributing to community service through teaching the public practice of physical exercise and sports, and the positive effects of sports to maintain public health away from doping and sedatives as well as dissemination of health awareness among the society through the development of physical education and sport science curricula in order to achieve progress and prosperity.

7. Preparing training staffs eligible for the training of athletes in various areas according to modern scientific foundations to promote the reality of the Iraqi sports through research and various studies.

8. Preparing scientific and qualified staff to contribute to the leadership of the sports movement and development service of the community to ease the psychological and social pressures through the different forms of exercises.

9. Developing a clear strategy to attain the same level of local, Arab and regional counterpart.

10. Improving the educational quality of performance in the field of competence level by drawing on the best of modern technology activities in education and training .

11. Opening collaborative work lines and strategic companionship with civil society organizations in order to address the problems and needs of the community.

12. Following-up continued overall sustainable development in the sports field on the human resources and the preparation of teaching staffs in the practical and theoretical trends which will positively  reflect the development of the college.

13. Spreading  a spirit of positive scientific discussion among all employees in the department in particular and the college in general, each according to its competence, qualifications and functions through the establishment of specialized conferences and seminars that address ways to solve the problems and obstacles that hinder the educational, scientific sports movement.



( info@esraa.edu.iq)

Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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