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Departments - English Department
About us

English Department:

The department aspires to be a significant center for teaching English language based on high experience and English literature, translation and scientific research. The department aims to see graduates among the top first locally.

Vision, Mission and Goals


1.     To activate students potentially in text analysis and translation.

2.     To develop programs in the light of the academic progress in counterpart department.

3.     To develop English language experience according to accredit programs of the universities governance

4.     To support students in using pedagogical inventions and other accredited aids especially those found in the phonetics lab.


1.     To realize aspired result for literary output.

2.     To build translators potentialities on speed follow up and procession.

3.     To make lessons accessible to recipient.

4.     To depend on references in building teaching abilities.

5.      To promote scientific practices.    



( info@esraa.edu.iq)

Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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