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Departments - Accounting Department
About us

Accounting Department

Established 2013

Duration 4 years

The department prepares qualified accountants and auditors in order to fill the gap in the governmental and non-governmental institutions. The graduate will be awarded a Bachelor degree in accounting.

Vision, Mission and Goals


The department aims to be the pioneer in the financial and accounting sector by having the ability to keep up with the regional and international development and having qualified graduates.


1.  Serve the local market with financial and accounting experience.

2. Provide an excellent education in the financial and accounting sector.

3. Accomplish the best performance through having a qualified staff.


1_ Prepare a graduate specialized in financial and accounting fields in order to keep up with the current developments in all sectors.

2_ Provide the governmental and the nongovernmental institutions with our qualified graduates.

3_ Develop an educational program that adapts with the current developments and suits the international financial and accounting regulations.



( info@esraa.edu.iq)

Baghdad - Karada - Al-andalos SQ.

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